After AmazonFail, Readers!Win :)

It’s nice to see people’s sales ranks returning even in far flung regions of Amazon such as  It meant that I could turn to worrying about pleasanter things like how well False Colors was doing.

Today has even had a lot of squee in it, after the large doses of OMG!WTF of the weekend.  I must say I’ve missed my squee!

Causes of joy today:

Barb Ferrer sent me this picture of False Colors and Transgressions in the ‘New Romance’ section of her local Barnes & Noble.


Hee!  Thank you Barb, and thank you B&N 🙂

I’ve had some lovely emails from people who have just finished reading False Colors and wrote to tell me that they’d really enjoyed it.  These are what kept me vaguely positive about the worth of my book when I thought the whole world was against m/m fiction and – more to the point – when I feared that it would win, and nobody would ever read FC ever ever… (Yes, I really was that melodramatic about it 😉 )

Thank you Mitch, Joe, Barbara and Martha, you are stars!
(I also have a lot of glee that everyone either had read or were about to read Transgressions as well 😀 )

Thanks to Richardderus on Library Thing, whose review of Captain’s Surrender made the ‘Hot Reviews’ list today.

Squee for the fact that my author’s copies arrived in the post this morning!  And that the covers are nicer than the ones on the ARC.  Plus they have details of the next two books in the series in the back.  So from today onward I will be able to tell people that the next two books in the series are Tangled Web by Lee Rowan and Lover’s Knots by Donald L. Hardy.
Woohoo!  Go them 🙂  Available for pre-order already on Amazon 😀  (Amazon un-fail?)

And after a couple of things, Amazonfail being one of them, had convinced me that the m/f romance world was going to turn up their noses at False Colors and Transgressions, while saying to itself ‘but that’s not really romance, is it?’ hugs to m/f historical romance author Courtney Milan.  She thought she would give m/m a try, liked it, has written this lovely review on her blog

False Colors: A Giveaway

and is even running a competition to promote it.  After having to fight so hard for our right to exist, over the weekend, I can’t say how much it means to me to get a vote of confidence and a helping hand from the mainstream romance world.  It’s wonderful to be able to get rid of all that politics and to be able to feel again that it’s not about causes so much as it is about just telling an interesting story and having people enjoy it.  Thank you so much, Courtney!


But Courtney’s competition reminds me that in all the hassle over the weekend I had forgotten I was supposed to be running a competition myself.  In association with Erastes’ post here

Competition Time

and so that we can get as many photos of the books in different Barnes & Nobles as we can:

Next time you are in your local store, take a picture of the books, email it to me, or post in your blog and email me the link and I’ll pick two winners at random.  The prize is a signed first edition (with the amusing mistake on the back) and little goodie bag of other stuff.

Oh, and the closing date will be the end of April 🙂

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