Teeth in her jaw and bells on her toes

she shall bite things and jingle wherever she goes 🙂


Another miscellaneous post, as lots of things are happening at once. 

Probably the biggest thing is that finally, after at least six months if not a year of dentistry, the tooth has landed!  On Tuesday I went to the dentist for the final time.  He took out the phillips-head screw which had been screwed into my gum to give the gum something to grow around, and screwed on a vicious looking spike instead.  I almost had a heart attack when he said to his assistant “pass me the torque-wrench”, but fortunately it turned out to be a really cute little torque-wrench, about the size of a finger.  So they tightened up the spike until it couldn’t get any tighter.  Then they covered it in cement (dental cement!) and cemented the porcelain and metal tooth onto the spike.

Yesterday, the top of my gum did not come down far enough to cover the dark metal at the top of the tooth, and the shape of the tooth made me lisp.  But today the gum has lowered, and I’m speaking normally again, so I am desperately looking around for things to bite, while sometimes I forget that I can’t take my tooth out any more, and tug on it.  It’s extremely odd to have a tooth there again, but rather wonderful.  Is it all worth it?  Ask me when the post-dentistry headache goes away 😉

Unpleasant photo alert – scroll past fast 🙂


toothscrew Blurry before


toothscrew 2 Blurry after



I’m sure I have a lack of perspective on things, but I squeed far more about making some bell-pads for my black shoes so that I could use them for morris dancing:


I just got some soft black leather, folded it over and sewed down one edge, and then sewed the bells onto the resulting tube.  This way I can slip them onto the straps of my shoes for morris dancing, and take them off again for normal life.




Andrew has to make the full shin-pad of bells for his side, but that’s because he’s a man 😉


Another week of very little progress on ‘Boys of Summer’, this time because Rose was been off school ill over Monday and Tuesday, and Ailith was off school on Wednesday because she had several teeth extracted, and then she was off again today having caught Rose’s cold.

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