Stalled on all fronts

In the long saga of the new tooth, I’ve just been to the dentist to have an impression taken of the bone of my upper jaw and the metal post sticking out of it, so that they can make the tooth to fit.  They vaporized my gum with a medical laser, which smelled horrible, and did something painful in there that involved not being able to close my mouth without skewering myself in the gum with a spike for twenty minutes (it felt like).  Then, having taken the impression, they put on a sort of metal cap to stop the gum from sealing up again – because they want it to make room for the new tooth.  So I now have a round metal bit sticking out of my top gum and look like I have an interesting cyber implant.  On the plus side, I can actually bite again on that side of my mouth!  Woohoo!  After almost a year!  On the minus side, after all the lasering, twisting and jerking about, it hurts 🙁

Another two weeks of letting that heal, and I should be able to go back and finally have my new tooth fitted!  I hope it will all be worth it.
Ailith was at home today with head and stomach ache, so another day of no writing on Boys of Summer.  I’ve decided to put my daily progress metres up on my website, because I know they are demotivating and annoying for some of my FL.  Sticking it on my WIP page will be just as good for me.  (Particularly when, like today, there has been no progress.)
Also no progress on Rose’s dress.  I bought cheap sheeting material and cut out the pattern pieces:

(That long thin piece at the bottom there is the *top* of the skirt, using the full width of the fabric – then you measure 48″ down and cut it off at the bottom.)
Then I sewed up the bodice:

and it fitted perfectly.  Then I added the arms, doing two lots of stitching so the seam wouldn’t fray:

And lo and behold, when she tried it on this time, the arm-holes were much too tight.  So I have to unpick my four arm seams and either clip the curves to make them lay down flatter, or extend the shoulder straps.  None of which I’ve been able to face just yet.  I’ve pleated one side of the skirt but not the other, and it’s waiting for my next burst of interest.
Creatively on a different front, I’ve been making business cards and postcards for myself.  I wanted a nice gay historical theme, but couldn’t find an image I could legally use.  Besides, I don’t just write historicals, though it might seem that way at the moment.  So I went for this.  I’m just a little worried that it’s too generic.  At least the Navy theme is coming through in the colorscheme!

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