Oh Darren, no!

You know how sometimes your characters decide to do something you had not foreseen and certainly hadn’t planned for?  You sit there being gobsmacked at further evidence that you are not as in control of their lives as you thought, and thinking ‘so this is why people believe in the muses’.

Boys of Summer is *that* close to the end.  Tony has met Darren’s horrible family and decided not to be scared off.  Darren was supposed to meet Tony’s differently horrible family and be snubbed and humiliated and driven into the final confrontation with the villain.  He was *not* supposed to suddenly decide to take up with a random trucker and leave the country for Budapest!  How did that happen?  The trucker was supposed to be set-dressing.  He doesn’t even have a name!

I’ll have to persuade Darren to come back or I foresee a very sad ending, but when I gave him a tendency to run away from his problems, I didn’t think he’d try and turn it on me!

No writing today because I’ve got both children at home (one ill, one post-tooth-extraction).  But I will be taking part in a Macaronis chat on the Coffee Time Romance list


a bit later today.  So I can ponder what to do with him properly before tomorrow 🙂

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