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Comment to this post with ‘comment!’ and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.


My subjects were:


Tolkien was responsible for getting me into the Saxons.  Way in the mythical age, when I was a teenager and read Lord of the Rings from front to back to front to back about fifty times, I wanted to live in it.  Really, I wanted to be an elf.  But I recognized practical difficulties in that plan.  So when I found out that Tolkien had based his Rohirrim on the Saxons, I decided that being a Saxon would have to do.  Eventually I managed to fulfil this ambition by joining

Regia Anglorum

I don’t know why everyone loves the Vikings but thinks the Saxons are boring.  The Saxons were much nicer people.  (Except for the parts where they weren’t.)

Morris Dancing

My new passion!  I’ve joined the Ely and Littleport Riot side, made myself a waistcoat and acquired all the rest of the uniform – white blouse, black skirt, blue and red streamers, red handkerchiefs.  I’ve learned about the Ely and Littleport food riots from which they took their name.  I also know five dances (not very well) – Ely Stars, Padnall, Goose Green, and Country Garden, and another one whose name I don’t remember.  It’s a whole new world, and a very friendly and welcoming one.

Also my husband has joined Coton morris dancers – in order to show that anything I can do, he can do better.  (Or possibly just because he enjoyed it too!)


I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument, but I’ve never wanted it enough to actually buckle down to practicing.  Still, I can pick out several tunes on the bone flute and the Anglo-Saxon hearpe (which is a lyre really.)  And I can play a rock drum kit, as long as you don’t need too much fancy stuff.

As far as listening to music goes, I have eclectic tastes.  I love trance music, prog rock, a lot of folk music and world music, early medieval and a lot of classic music, but I hate modern classical and jazz.  I shun the devil’s interval, and I like the mathematical regularity of Palestrina and Bach.

Age of Sail

Apparently my paternal grandfather (who I never knew) was a fisherman all his life, so perhaps the sea is in my blood?  It would be nice to think so.  I get seasick on ferries, mind you.  But then again, my brother in law John taught me to sail a one man sailing dingy in my youth, and I never got seasick in that.

My grandfather was also a champion bare-knuckle fist fighter, and went a bit odd when he got older – retiring to his own island because he couldn’t bear people around him.  He sounds a little lower-deck, but I could see him as a Killick type 🙂

Guilty Pleasures

LOL!  If I had any pleasures about which I felt guilty, I wouldn’t confess them here.  I suppose that once you’ve come out about enjoying slash, there’s not much left to feel guilty about.  Or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t think I need to feel guilty about occasionally binging on chocolate biscuits or parsnip crisps.

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