Positively medieval!

To think I thought morris dancing would be a gentle sort of exercise!  My legs are still wobbly on Sunday evening, after dancing on Friday night.

But I had a great time!  I learned single stepping and how to wave my hanky.  And I learned the choruses of two dances and a figure from each one.  Also I got to use the sticks and hit other people’s sticks, and swagger around with one on my shoulder.

It’s amazing the difference the music made!  Without it I had a terrible time remembering which arm went with which leg.  With it, everything seemed natural.  But I am so unfit.  I had to keep stopping and sitting out while I got my breath back.  One more reason to keep on with the treadmill in between.  I also had no idea that I would come back and find the muscles in my calves, thighs, across my ribs and down my arms aching.  It’s more of a full body thing than I thought.

Altogether I’m very enthused and definitely going back.  And now I’m wondering what colour I want my waistcoat to be 🙂


As for the positively medieval part of the post, I have to recommend this blog

Got Medieval

because my life was not complete without ambulatory genetalia.  I particularly like the one on stilts, and the girl power one with the crowned vagina being carried on high by three phalluses.  I swear that one in the hat is wearing roller skates, though.


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