No NaNo this year

I really don’t think NaNoWriMo was meant to be this year for me.  Having finally recovered enough to write again, I’ve just got my first lot of edits through on False Colors – which naturally take precedence.  So far I’ve discovered that

1. I can’t tell ‘counsel’ from ‘council’.
2. When formatting a book, you do not have two spaces after each full stop.  You only have one.  Nor do you have a blank line between paragraphs.  Nor do you have a space on either side of a dash.  I guess it all saves paper!
3.I may go over the top a bit with ship-jargon.  OTOH, when your character is moving around a ship, is it better to say ‘he descended to the orlop and sat down in the cable tier’ or ‘he descended to the lowest deck and sat down in the area reserved for drying out the ship’s cables’?  I suppose it depends on who’s reading it!

I wonder if I should take down my NaNo WIP.  I am still going to finish it, but it will have to be some time in December now.

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