We have flies!


Thank you to everyone who chipped in with suggestions as to how to turn the flappy bits into a workable garment. It took me almost the whole day, but I have got there 🙂

This evening I sew the buttons on and make button holes for the fly (and lace the back), and then tomorrow I can do the knee flaps and bands. Then there will only be a cap for Rose, neckcloth for Ailith and Rose, waistcoat for Ailith, Rose’s petticoat to turn up, Andrew’s coat sleeves to hem and buttonholes to put in his coat and waistcoat. Then we will all be clothed except for me!


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,615 / 35,000

Next comes the grande finale, and then the wrapping up and HEA. Time to break out the special effects 😉

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