Cover art?

I decided to put my icon making experience to work and see how I was at
producing book covers. I’m hoping to have ‘The Boys of Summer’ finished
by Christmas, so I thought there would be no harm done if I made a
mockup of a cover for it which I could have at hand, just in case LBR
wanted it.

I have this crazy idea that I might like to branch
out into doing cover art 🙂 So I found some stock photos and knocked up
a possible cover for The Boys of Summer (lighthearted m/m surfing
novel) and The Mysterious, which is the anthology ‘Wages of Sin’ is
destined for.


they’d be bigger (and therefore the text would be easier to read) in
real life!  Also they wouldn’t have the watermarks on because I would
have paid for the use of the image.  But what do you think?  Should I
give up the idea now and stick to the day job?

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JK Coi
15 years ago

Um, and I’m not quite sure where this electrified lobster icon came from, but it’s way cute!

JK Coi
15 years ago

Alex, you could definitely do cover art. Those are great!
Oh, you’re doing an anthology with Josh Lanyon? I love his Adrien English books!

Good job.

Alex Beecroft
15 years ago

Thanks JK! I like them, but I wasn’t sure if anyone else would, so that’s great to hear 🙂 And yes, the Mysterious anthology is for Halloween next year, so it’s a little early to be planning covers, but I couldn’t resist the challenge:) I am very thrilled to be in an anthology with Josh as I admire his writing so much. I think the Adrien English books were among the first m/m books I ever read, and still favourites.

*g* Word Press assigns an icon to everyone. It’s randomly generated, but you get to keep yours permanently. There are three sets, I think – you can either have geometrical designs or little monsters, and I set this blog up to give people monsters 🙂

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