Painting and Decorating blues

So yesterday the girls both reminded me that I’d said they could paint their bedrooms during the summer holidays (where ‘during the summer holidays’ = ‘two days before the end of the holidays’).  If I’ve gone silent it’s because I’m up to my elbows in paint.  Rose wants one black wall, and three a sort of greenish grey – she thinks it’s elegant, I think it looks like Morgul Vale.  Ailith wants one bright red wall, three white, and a Union Flag on one of the white ones.  All of this would be a lot easier if you could just step on their floors without crushing some treasured relic.

So, not only is my writing on hiatus, but my 18th Century clothes making is on hiatus too.  Seriously, if you’re a mum, your life is not your own in the summer holidays.

However, I have psychologically prepared myself for September by making icons for the stories I’ll be working on when I get my life back.  I’m all ready to start now!

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