Scavenger hunt

Rainbow Reviews is doing what looks like a fun promo-come-book-giveaway in June, called the Rainbow Reviews Scavenger Hunt
if you’re a big fan of m/m books and fancy an attempt to get a whole load of them for free, you can check out how to play using the link above.  I’m giving away a copy of Captain’s Surrender, and there’s a long list of other authors giving away books, so it could be fun 🙂

The Macaronis has a post about women in m/m fiction, written by Lee Rowan, author of ‘Ransom’.

And the Britwriter’s blog has stunned us all by being so popular it’s had to turn people away.  Currently featuring posts about village fairs, stately homes, the fine art of gardening on one’s allotment, cultural differences in interpretation of Torchwood, and the pearly kings and queens of London.

We’ve also got an all day Brit-picking clinic lined up for Friday, where anyone can drop by and ask about anything required in Brit-picking their stories/novels/fic.  I’m hoping that will be something we can do regularly which will be fun for all concerned 🙂

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