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Yesterday was a great day!  I found out that The Witch’s Boy had received a fabulous five star review from Teresa at Rainbow reviews 🙂  Hee!  This is my poor red headed stepchild of a book, so I love the fact that, when I can persuade people to read it, they seem to enjoy it!


“Ms. Beecroft has fashioned an incredible saga that incorporates action, adventure, and passion with mythical beings in a time where magic still had it’s hold on the world… If you like a book that will hold you spellbound from the start with magical creatures and characters with compelling personalities that ensnare your emotions, then this is the book for you.”

And I went on a virtual pub-crawl-come-interview with

, who is a m/m writer with something of Ursula LeGuin’s facility for world building, and a very nice person.  She made me talk and talk!  I ended up going on for hours about Captain’s Surrender, The Witch’s Boy, 90% Proof, and my new novel, False Colors. Also my silly writing hat and the need to pack underwear if you go time traveling!  That’s at Speak Its Name here:

World’s Longest Pub Crawl

lso, so many things have happened at once over the past week that I haven’t ended up talking about any of them.

We had a lovely day on Saturday. We visited my sister and her husband.  They had both worked together to cook the most spectacular Moroccan meal for us, in honour of Andrew’s birthday.  So the entire day was spent eating pigeon pie, lamb with rice and almonds, mint salad, tomato salad, pitta bread and a fantastic spicy but sweet vegetarian dish for me.  Followed by chocolate cake and John’s home made ice-cream.  We sat in the garden, ate, drank and talked, and it was a good way to spend a day.

On Sunday we went to Haddenham and Aldreth’s ‘Blossoms and Bygones’ spring fair.  We went as Dark Ages Saxons in association with the West Stow Anglo-Saxon village though as it turned out we were the only ones who’d managed to turn up!  Haddenham has a windmill and miles of green lanes lined with flowering may.  Aldreth is just unbelievably picture-postcard pretty.  There were classic cars, a Napoleonic soldier and his family, a park and ride – which was a cart hitched to a tractor with straw bales for seats – running from one village to the other .  It was like being in some idyllic film version of England.  I almost didn’t believe it.  Oh and there were also Daleks outside the church hall.  One old series Dalek and one new series, and they moved and spoke.  It all deserves a post of its own, with pictures 🙂

On Monday, in addition to all the squeefulness of the interview and review:

I started on yet another round of editing on 90% Proof!  I swear that story no longer sounds anything like my own writing.  This pass, however, promises to teach me things about commas that I didn’t know before 🙂  It also confirmed that when you try to take every instance of ‘was’ and ‘as’ out of a story, you end up with your participles dangling!

I wrote a quick synopsis for False Colors.  The synopsis confirms my thoughts that the end is a bit weak.  So now I know I need to beef up the iceberg incident for a final crisis before resolving everything.

I also went to the dentist and discovered that there *is* an infection at the very tip of the root of one of my two front teeth.  This is possibly what’s causing my recurrent terrible headaches, not migraine at all.  So I either go for root canal work with the possibility that the infection will come back, or I get one of my front teeth pulled out and walk around for six months with a gap, before the bone is healed enough to screw an implant into it.  Fun stuff!  I’m going to go with the gap, I think.

And I started a new blog and yahoo group for British writers.  But that also probably deserves a post of its own 🙂

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Alex Beecroft
15 years ago

Thanks Christian! I have to admit it’s nice to see it being enjoyed. That was why I decided to publish it myself, and it makes me feel sort of vindicated 🙂

Still no release date for 90% Proof. I imagine it’s hard to get ten authors through three passes of very severe editing – particularly when the editor is overworked and not very well. However, I’ve finished *my* final edit (I hope).

I’m also almost ready to start looking for publishers for ‘False Colors’, so they may end up being out together!

Christian Otto
15 years ago

Hi Alex,

congrats for the well deserved review of Witch’s Boy. It really is a great book.

And it’s fantastic news that 90% Proof is nearing completion. When is it supposed to be released again?


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