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I hate blurb writing! I’ve got a theme which can be summarized in about a sentence ‘this book is about true love conquering all. Also it’s about how banning homosexuality is bad for society.’ And I’ve got a plot that stretches over a couple of pages of synopsis. But finding something to say in the middle of those two extremes seems all but impossible. What do people think to this?


The year is 1762, and the Seven Years War is drawing to its close. John Cavendish, a handsome and zealous lieutenant of the British Royal Navy, and a devout Christian, has one desire in his life. He wants to be made Captain of his own ship. He is eager for glory and hates anything underhanded, such as politicians and sodomites. When he attains his dream by being given command of HMS Meteor, however, he does not imagine that he is soon to become intimate with both.

Lieutenant Alfie Donwell, a warm hearted, charming young man, also has one desire. He has fallen hopelessly in love with John. Unfortunately, seducing a man who thinks you deserve to die is not a simple task. When it all goes wrong as it inevitably must, Alfie turns to his old captain and first love, Charles Farrant, son of the Duke of Alderley, for protection. But Farrant and Farrant’s sinister doctor have an agenda of their own.

From the white slave traders of Algiers to the re-emergence of the Caribbean buccaneers, John, Alfie and Farrant have enemies enough to fight without also facing down the spectres of damnation and disgrace. But, in an age when love is punishable by death, these three very different heroes must stand not only against their country’s foes, but even against their own brothers in arms.

With God, society and his own conscience against it, can any love be worth the sacrifice of a man’s honour, his very soul?


As you can see, Fitzroy has suffered another change of name! I discovered that the historical Charles Fitzroy, who was to be the father of my character, still had living descendants. So to avoid any possibility of ‘OMG, you’ve inserted a fictional sodomite into our lineage, we’re going to sue!’ I’ve called him something different (again).

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