The Witch’s Boy – up on Amazon with a great review

After what’s seemed like an interminable slump, I have news again, and lo! it is good 🙂 The Witch’s Boy is finally up on HERE currently with no blurb and no cover picture, but I’m pretty sure that will come once they get their act together.

It’s also had a lovely review from reader Christian Otto and, call me sentimental, but there’s something really special about getting a review from someone who doesn’t know you, who you haven’t asked for a review, but who has just done it because they liked the book. It makes me get all teary eyed and proud 🙂

Christian says: I just loved this book. I would have read it in one session, if there weren’t those stupid needs like eating and sleeping. This book definitely is a must-read.

If anyone is still unsure as where to categorize this book, even though it doesn’t fit easily into categories, I can offer my personal impression that for me it feels like a mixture of Sara Monette’s Doctrine of Labyrinths and Lord of the Rings, while still having it’s own character. So I’m quite sure that anyone who liked those books, will also like The Witch’s Boy. But to everyone else I would also strongly recommend to give it a try. Read more

And woohoo, I get mentioned in the same breath as Tolkien and not in even in a sentence that starts ‘this book isn’t a patch on…’ 😉

Behold me squeeing and deciding that Christian is a man of great and praiseworthy taste 😀 SQUEEE!
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HMS dauntless
HMS dauntless
16 years ago

Congratulations ! That’s wonderfully happy news.!

At present, due to the new house, I must be a bit careful with my monthly budget (yeah, real life can be sordid like that, alas !) , not to mention the fact that everything I buy now, I will have to pack and move in the next weeks. No need to tell you what a shocking adventure is moving from a house to another !

So I’ll have to wait until I’ve settled at the new place. But you can be sure Witch’s Boy is going to be the first Amazon book to inaugurate my new mail-box and my new bookshelf 🙂

16 years ago

Thank you! Yes, I’m relieved after all the upset with Amazon refusing to stock POD books which were not printed by their printer, that it’s gone up on Amazon at all.

Ooh, the house move is very close then? That’s good – all the waiting and packing is terrible, but once you’ve got there it’s very satisfying making it yours. Did you manage to solve the parking problem?

Hee! Thank you! I’m honoured 🙂

HMS dauntless
HMS dauntless
16 years ago

Apologies for the delay in answering, but – I do not know why – , I never got a notification for your reply. Found it totally by chance – wrong click in the wrong place, while attempting to scroll my WP blogroll.
I must acknowledge that – all other considerations apart – LJ and its lookalikes are still the best way to communicate.

Oh, I did not know Amazon was so fussy with books ! I thought they basically sold anything printed on paper, regardless of how and where.

Rather close, yes. The deed will be signed at the end of the month and then there will be a couple of months to wait while masons, plumbers, electricians, and so on do their job.
The parking problem is still unsolved, alas. The house is in a(n almost) central urban area of my town, so no garden or courtyard to trasform into a car place. There are the usual residents parking places all along the street, but they’re not reliable enough and I hate having to drive up and down in front of my house’s door, waiting for someone other driving away and leaving a free place.

I suppose I’ll buy or (more probably) rent a car place somewhere near the new house, but only if my funds are not entirely drained by the cost of the moving itself ! 😀

16 years ago

No problem with the timing! Sometimes I wish that e-communication was a bit slower all around as I can never seem to catch up. But yes, I don’t think WP sends you notifications that your comments have been replied to, which does make it a lot less useful than LJ.

You’re having masons and electricians in? Are you renovating somewhere very old or building an extention to an existing house that is too small? That sounds like an awful lot of work! Oh, and yes the resident’s parking places sounds stressful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a nice garage for you, somewhere close and yet also cheap 🙂

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