Sexy Dr.Who extra guy?

*g* It’s been a productive day, for a change. Three chapters of editing on ‘Secrets’. 500 words on a new short story, which have enabled me to discover that I should have started it somewhere else – this is progress for me! And a blog post for The Macaronis

Is there anyone out there who has a screencap of the guy Jack Harkness flirts with during the ‘Utopia’ episode of Dr. Who? The guy has sandy spiked up hair and is wearing a knitted woolen tank top and (I think) a green shirt. I don’t think he says anything but Jack says ‘and who are you?’, shakes his hand, and then is called to heel by the Doctor. He’s in this fanvid by fan_eunice which, unfortunately I can’t seem to load into movie-maker to get the component parts.

If anyone has a screen cap, can I please, please, have a copy? He’s my model for one of the guys in the short story (the one of the 500 words as mentioned above), and they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

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