Quick round up of WIPs

Found some progress meters thanks to Writertopia

Secrets – novel – first draft finished, first pass of self-editing almost complete:

Away with the Faeries – short – written:

needs me to sit down and write a quick plan, as it wants to grow longer than it should.

Boys of Summer – novel – written:

also needs me to firm up the plan, as it keeps changing shape.  To do on this one: write synopsis before finishing the book in November’s NaNoWriMo.

Angelic Conversations – novel – written:

This has a good plan and is just waiting for me to finish the others.  I need to decide whether anyone would publish a 100,000 word gay romance/space opera though, and whether to make it shorter for the romance market.  If so, I’ll have to take out the political subplot at Queen Jane’s court, and the Decima subplot – ie all the girls.

Plans for this year: finish ‘Secrets’ by beginning of August. Finish ‘Away with the Faeries’ by end September. Finish first draft of ‘Boys of Summer’ by end of November. Maybe I’m not doing as little as I thought!

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