Lovely review of ‘Insubordination’

Oh, squee!  Val Kovalin has reviewed my short story ‘Insubordination’ on her wonderful review site ‘Obsidian Bookshelf’.  It’s always a total delight when you read a review from someone who really gets under the skin of what you were trying to do with a book or story, and Val really has the gift for that.  Not to mention that her reviews are like hearing a well informed and interesting member of the slash community deconstruct a book in that kind of meta-y way that makes you want to start a conversation.

If anyone’s thinking of venturing into buying m/m books for the first time, I recommend her reviews (and not just because she likes my stuff!)  because they really do give you an excellent flavor of the book before you buy it, and also because they’re so interesting in themselves.

Val on LiveJournal

Val on Obsidian Bookshelf

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