I was reading a thread on Making Light this morning which was, as usual, intimidatingly erudite and much too clever for me, in which people were translating poems into LOL! and Txt! speak.  But I was too embarrassed to try it myself among so many works of genius.   (Also I’d gone to make a coffee and lost the bookmark by then).  So I thought I’d try it here instead.  See if you can guess the book of which this is a summary:

GnlEI: oh hai
Strvn: hai
We can has golden ballz.  Mad king is mad.  Strvn *is Nigmtik*
GnlEI: u suxxors

Monkd00ds: Nifty precognishun skillz, let us show you them.
Monkd00ds: Futur-knowing pwned.  Ur nihilistic despair, we upgraded it.

Nu!Cntry: Opreshun; let me show you it.

Awsum Strvn is awsum, gots buket GnLE
Snow: *has a flavor*
Campy tiems is happy tiems.  Dont go b4k Strvn!
Strvn: *goes b4k*

Happy Ending: UR DOING IT WRONG!!!111!

o it wus m3ta4.  LIEK THAT M4K IT OK?!!

crying Al3x is sad

Tell me again why this is my favourite book?

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