Free read – Insubordination

I have a short story out as a free read.  It’s set somewhere in the middle of ’Captain’s Surrender’, though it’s more of an erotic read than the book itself.  Some comments had lead me to believe that some readers saw Josh as a natural ’bottom’, so I wrote this in reaction 🙂

By: Alex Beecroft | Other books by Alex Beecroft
Published By: Linden Bay Romance, LLC

Word Count: 2975
Heat Index 5

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML
Price: $0.00

download link here

About the book
For the sake of their lives and careers, Josh and Peter agreed to put their need for one another behind them. But then a luxurious and sensual dinner together becomes foreplay, leading Josh to an act of insubordination that Captain Peter Kenyon will never forget.

An excerpt from the book
“I confess I have regretted we did not have longer together. Did not do all the things I would have liked to try. I have dreamed… No. No, I won’t even say that. God knows we neither of us need any encouragement and I will not…”

“Take advantage of me?” The smile has grown until his cheeks are aching with it. He shoves his chair back from the table, stands. He’s been planning this ’one last time’ for weeks, and he knows exactly what to do.

The politenesses of society are so ingrained in Kenyon that he rises in echo, and stands, looking bemused and helpless and rather lost before the gold and red drapery of the Pellegrini above the mantle. Slowly, but firmly, Josh takes him by both wrists and backs him into the wall, where he stands, rigid with a mixture of terror and desire—very still, but his chest heaving. “I don’t want to risk your life,” he tries to explain. “Josh, we were going to…stop…we agreed this was…”

“Peter,” says Josh, carefully removing the powdered wig and setting it on top of the globe of the world, where it looks appropriate but rather undersized. “Shut up.” Peter looks at him then, really looks at him, startled, his eyes wide and dark with outraged dignity and arousal.

Josh loosens the knot in Peter’s cravat, undoes the two little buttons beneath and leans in, touching his mouth to Peter’s skin, the collarbone hard against his lips.

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16 years ago

*g* You’ll have read it already, I’m afraid – it used to be known as ‘Incidentally, Sir…’ But that’s rather irritating of them! And yes, you can get a working link from the ‘free stories’ part of my website 🙂 It managed the transition fairly well, I thought 😉 Thank you!

16 years ago

Hello my dear

It looks like myspace has deactivated the link as spam… 🙁 Any other place to download it from? Maybe from your website?

That aside: wheee!

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