The Witch’s Boy – a dark fantasy available now.

I’ve, finally, after much proof reading and correcting, pressed the ‘make available’ button on ‘The Witch’s Boy’.


It’s a monumental occasion for me, though only in a small way. I believe that it means TWB should now be available through my Lulu storefront. It will take another 6-8 weeks before it’s available for order through Amazon, Borders + Barnes and Noble.

However, the ball is rolling!

I’ll grab this opportunity to thank Andrew, my husband, who did a fabulous proof reading job, and Black Hound who did such a classy job with the cover. Thanks too to all of you who helped me tweak the blurb, and egged me on to publish it. You’re stars!

This is where you can get it now, My Lulu store

If you click on the link where it says ‘The Witch’s Boy’ right at the top, it will take you to a preview, where you can read the first ten pages. 

The book itself is a hefty 314 pages long, beautifully bound, (BH – your cover looks totally gorgeous!) good classy white paper, nice font and dark ink – I’m very pleased with Lulu’s quality.  I’m not so pleased with the price, which I cannot adjust downwards.  (It’s calculated mostly on how many pages the book has.)  Of the £11 price, I get a royalty of £1.  Of the £5 ebook, however, I get £4

This is a shame, but unfortunately can’t be helped.

More moaning on the subject of trying to get it distributed, shortly 😀  But SQueeeee!  At least it’s finally here 🙂

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