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Five cups from Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“Even if you have never read a gay romance before, you simply must read Captain’s Surrender!”

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Joyfully Recommended

Recommended Read by ‘Joyfully Reviewed’

In Captain’s Surrender,
the bounds of honor, loyalty, fidelity and love are all tested
and divergent paths and possibilities are explored for both
Joshua and Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look
forward to more from Alex Beecroft.”

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In unrelated news, I’ve started the first edit on ‘Secrets’ in which I’ve practically re-written the first chapter. In obedience to various editors’ advice, I’ve carefully taken out occurances of ‘to be’ in all its forms, and strictly limited character thinking/brooding. Admiral Saunders no longer appears in flashback. John writes in his diary instead of brooding. In addition he has a new life-threatening problem to take his mind off his pushy over-amorous lieutenant, and hopefully things are a little more dramatic now. I like it better, at least!

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16 years ago

Reading your reviews always makes me happy. 🙂

And now I can’t wait for “Secrets”, of course! Curious to see the “journal” change, too.

16 years ago

Thank you! Likewise 🙂

LOL! ‘Secrets’ is going to take quite a while, I think. Even if I work on it solidly, editing 1000 words a day, it’ll take about 4 months. But at least I feel that there’s something worthwhile in there trying to come out now.

Journal change?

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