Son of Editing


So today I sent the revised revised version of 90% Proof back to the editor. Annoyingly enough, I can’t help but feel that it is in fact better for all the editing. It made me tear my hair out, but I think I’ve managed to take out ‘was’ but retain at least some period feel, and to re-introduce some of the humour. So I should be pleased.

Unfortunately, I went straight on to editing ‘Secrets’, which is in a much earlier, first draft state. The result being that I was disgusted by the state of it, and I’m now sure I can’t write at all. Oh, God, I do hate having an artistic temperament! If only I could be one of those happy people who think their writing is wonderful all the time.

What to do to retain some sanity in the face of editing a 70,000 word book which is going to take forever to beat into shape? Maybe I should start writing something else at the same time, so that I have the excitement of writing something new to turn to when editing makes me want to give up forever and go into investment banking?

In other news, I’ve been taking an online course on ‘Plotting using the Tarot’, which I also seem to be having minimal success with 🙂

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