90% Proof continues its nauseating see-saw between being ‘yay! I love it!’ and ‘OMG I never want to see it again.’

Today I discovered that I could not edit. According to the guidelines, I’m supposed to take all variants of the verb ‘to be’ out of the manuscript. I’m also supposed to strictly limit character thought, which provides ‘an insulating cushion between the reader and the story’.

It was dark. Darkness coiled about the house. The author was ready to tear out her hair… Frustration welled up within the author, threatening to make her tear out her hair as she wondered how to ‘Damn it’ she thought ‘I’m only managing to do this by introducing the anthropomorphic fallacy all over the place.’ She gnawed on the end of her pen. This was so damn difficult. The impossibility of the task stared her in the face. It was only possible to The elimination of ‘was’ and its other forms was making it… made it… distorted the writing to the point where it was… became prevented certain actions or thoughts from being described at all.

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