New year, new career!


Well, Captain’s Surrender was released on the 1st of January. At the time I was too busy throwing up to notice. (Food poisoning, I hasten to add, not over celebration). But now it’s out, and I find myself getting ready to edit 90% Proof with Freya’s Bower in January, followed with the prospect of finishing ‘Secrets’ and trying to sell that somewhere. Somehow the dream of publishing a book has turned into the dream of a writing career. After all, I’ve done it once. Why shouldn’t I do it again, and again?

After so many years of being a housewife, it’s odd to suddenly think of myself as having a job again. A full time job at that. At least, I’m spending 3-5 hours a day writing, and up to 12 hours a day promoting, networking, researching and reviewing. So it can’t get much more full time!

I should probably make some resolutions. I’ll start with these:

a. Get enough exercise to keep me reasonably functional (the dodgy back needs regular swimming.)

b. First drafts don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be written. I will write at least one new book this year.

c. I will give the editing process as much time as it needs. (If my first drafts are rough, I must let myself be relaxed about taking time to edit.) I will finish editing ‘Secrets’ before I start anything new.

d. I will not be afraid to aim high. There *is* a mainstream book in me somewhere, and I will start working towards it.

e. I will allow myself time off to have fun at least once a week. I want to watch more films at the cinema and go out occasionally.

That should do for a start 🙂

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16 years ago

I’m very glad to hear you’ve recovered from your bug. I hope you’ll find your love for chocolate again, though; it would be a terrible thing to lose!

Isn’t it amazing how fast things can progress all of a sudden? Life seems to drag its feet, and just when you think you’ll stand still, there’s a major jump. “Captain’s Surrender” certainly has been such a jump; your decision to keep that movement sounds very good to me.

16 years ago

Thank you! Yes, I went out on a walk this morning (see resolution a) and am not too wrecked, so I think I must be fully recovered now, though I still don’t fancy chocolate! I’m sure that will return eventually. I bet I won’t lose any weight because of it 😉

When I realize that it’s only been about 6 months since getting the acceptance letter for Captain’s Surrender it’s absolutely astonishing. Not much in my real life has changed, except my attitude. But that’s made an enormous difference. Suddenly I’m determined to write every day (and so far I seem to be managing it) and I’m spending every moment I have on promotion. I have a job! No money yet, but it is early days 🙂

I might as well take it seriously. It is what I’ve always wanted to do, so I ought to make the effort to try and do it well 🙂

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