A tour round HMS Victory

So Emma Collingwood and I were having a discussion about officer’s cabins. (Well, we both have amorous Lieutenants, who wanted to know why they got so little action on board ship.) And it occurred to me to dig out the pictures my husband took while we were going round HMS Victory in the summer. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have one of an officer’s cabin, to prove the fact that they were about one pace deep, but I do have one of Admiral Nelson’s sleeping cabin:

His bed is a canvas hammock with a board at the bottom, covered by a thin mattress. The curtains were embroidered by Emma Hamilton 🙂 And he has a reasonably large space in which to move because he’s sharing it with two cannons.

We took too many pictures to make a picspam at all reasonable, so Andrew has put them on his Flickr account, and you can see them all here:

All aboard for a tour of the Victory

But as it’s very cold here again, and the Victory is entirely without central heating, I suggest you warm yourself on the galley before you go 😉

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