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This is an interesting article about ‘citizen reviews’ and why people would prefer to read book reviews written by ‘ordinary people’ over book reviews written by the organs of literary snobbishness like NY Times.

The Writing Way

I don’t think there’s much of a mystery. You want to know whether people like you have enjoyed the book, and NY Times is not stuffed to the gills with people like me. Also, free reviews are free, so why pay?

And on the subject of ‘ordinary people’, I got some lovely spam in my ebox this morning. I’m sure it could pass for poetry:

Such a change. I in danger of becoming effeminate! Only to
choose me, only to clasp me to thy bosom, was given as part
of that plea for mercy which is? Well for once he didn’t
have a thing to say. Phoebe for her charming simplicity
and high spirit. Desire to rescue thee he seizes her arm.
the bastard harry interrupted, with remarks on the advantages
richard’s dark head, and put him away gently, receiving
towers. That is all. It reminds one without moving until
we say the word!39 i am gratified,5′.

Chapter xxxv: kirkbyres malcolm felt considerably net) all
his information may be found some day to that, he said,
depends upon many things. You hand.) lord loam. And here,
sir, is our little . Just her face—it— it’s turned everything
upside tone of the note accompanying it indicated a somewhat
whan ye was sittin’ at the fut o’ the bored craig. Upstairs,
and she helped me with my aunt’s what ‘but one finds it
very hard to work, i think, banisters and is peering down
and after that.

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