Ice cream and coffee

In the course of writing a certain scene I was wondering to myself ‘I wonder how I can describe John’s smell’. I wanted something that combined cream, salt and citrus (from his lemon and bergamot cologne), and after a bit of Googling I came up with yet another reason that the 18th Century was indeed an age of Enlightenment.

Georgian Ice Cream!

OK, so I personally would not be so keen on the Parmesan Cream Ice, but the Royal Cream Ice – flavoured with lemon zest – was exactly what I was looking for. Also featured; Chocolate Cream Ice, Burnt Filbert Cream Ice, Punch Water Ice and Bergamot Water Ice. And check out the gorgeous little fruit molds 🙂

Also, I has a Forum! I found a site called ‘Coffee Time Romance’ which kindly offered me a free forum. Click on the coffee pot to check that out 🙂


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