Charity Shop bargain of the month

I’ve never been so well dressed since I started getting all my clothes second hand. Never in my life would I have dreamed of spending the amount of money it would have cost me to buy a pair of Doc Martens new. But look what turned up in a Cambridge charity shop as I was walking by:


My size, £20, almost as new except a bit scuffed at the ankle. As limited editions, they’d have been something like £109 new and I would never have bought them at all. That’s me sorted for footwear for however long they take to wear out 🙂

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What an excellent buy! They’re so well made, and so comfortable. I’m a great fan of second-hand clothes.


If there was ever a time for me to use the word “snazzy,” this is it. Great find, Alex! I love the second hand shops for clothes hunting. I just think it’s the variety of items there, not all that “this season” you find in the retail shops. May your snazzy shoes carry you to many wonderful places and happily so.