Dogfighters is reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly too!

I suppose they could just be being thorough, in reading the second book in the series to see how it ends, but it’s still a thrill 🙂 They call it a “brisk and engrossing sequel to Bomber’s Moon” and say “it’s a treat for readers who like their romance with a healthy dose of adventure.”

Full review here:

They weren’t so sure about my scenery this time around, but I put that down to the fact that this half of the book is set in Elfland, and I felt I had to describe it more carefully than I described the stuff in our own world. My theory being that I shouldn’t rely on the reader to fill in the setting from their own experiences, since it was unlikely any of them had visited it.

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” lapidary articulation”


you talked about hares?

Congrats on the relesases and the great reviews, though – I seem to have missed all the buzz, probably because it’s not on SIN! DOH!