Publisher's Weekly reviews Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon

Well, the gist of this post is in the title. My lovely editor at Samhain, Anne Scott, emailed me this morning to say “Did you know Bomber’s Moon has a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly?” To which I had to sit down abruptly with the smelling salts (porridge actually) and calm myself before replying.

Publisher’s Weekly, how about that? And under “Fiction” – not “m/m romance” or even “romance”. Talk about mainstream 😀

They say

Beecroft’s writing dazzles, brimming with lush descriptions of worldly and otherworldly landscapes, taut conflict, and two finely drawn romantic leads… readers will delight in every moment of their adventure.

Full review here:

Coolness! *Doing the interpretive dance of speechless glee.*

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Many congratulations!