No longer such an ebook fan

Whoops! I had a bit of time this morning, so I thought I’d organise my ebook reader. One slip of the keyboard later and all my m/m books are gone. I thought I had them all backed up on my computer hard-drive, but now I go to look, I find I don’t.

No doubt some of them will still be on my various bookshop bookshelves for re-download, and perhaps some can be found on Calibre. But Calibre is no longer talking to my reader (what the hell did I do? How did I break things this badly without knowing what I did?) and I’ve kind of lost the will to live as far as finding everything again goes, even if that’s possible at all.

I don’t think “whoops” covers it, but any word that might is probably unprintable.

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Oh Alex My heart breaks for you. 🙁