Dabwaha round 3

This is almost certainly the round that False Colors gets trashed.  I’ve been watching the first two rounds, and FC tends to get around 300 votes, while Zero at the Bone gets around 600.  I strongly suspect that me begging for votes is not going to make any difference.  So I won’t beg, I’ll just say “if you liked False Colors enough to feel like voting for it, then your novel needs you now” 🙂  And thank you in advance if you decide to go and support it 🙂

Voting is here http://dabwaha.com/blog/2010/03/25/round-3-set-1-of-2/

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Noooooo, you need to go at least one more round, according to my bracket! *cough cough*


Ditto on ocelott's comment! I'll beg for you!!