Cygnus Five Series

You might be saying to yourself “Lioness of Cygnus Five sounds like a m/f romance! That’s not what I expect from Alex, and it’s not my cup of tea. How is she claiming this is a queer book?” Well, firstly, Bryant is bisexual, and Aurora spends a not inconsiderable amount of the book as a man. Secondly, it’s the start of a series that will also feature a f/f couple and an asexual m/m couple as lead characters, so it is queer even if it is not gay.

Lioness of Cygnus Five – Blurb

In a Galaxy ruled under the righteous, iron grip of The Kingdom, Bryant Jones is a rare breed of rebel. Born on a planet of technological wonders, his world fell to The Kingdom, and their dictates, in a travesty of justice and might. His place was usurped and his mission of medical advancements was seen as perverted. Captured, tried and convicted of heinous crimes, Jones is on his way to a Penial Colony on the far reaches of the system… a colony he never intends to reach.

Once the Heroine of the Phoenix Nebula, Captain Aurora Campos has been brought low by scandal and judgement. Her trajectory towards the highest Military position in The Kingdom has been redirected to prison transport commander, an assignment meant to humble, shame and possibly silence her. Yet none can quiet the Lioness and she is determined to see this mission through, while protecting her crew and her charges both.

Neither knows what the future holds, or how soon their destiny’s will collide, slamming truth and faith together in an epic battle that may shatter the very core of The Kingdom itself.


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Heart of Cygnus Five – Blurb

Modest. Demure. Subservient. Chaste. These are the traits of the women in The Kingdom – words that can never be applied to Captain Aurora Campos, Heroine of the Phoenix Nebula and de facto Queen of Cygnus 5. Once the Lioness of The Kingdom, Aurora was stripped of her honor… and her daughter. Now the fierce warrior leads a rag tag band of rejects, rebels, ex marines and convicts on a newly Sovereign Planet that once served as a Penial Colony.

Starving and with few resources, Aurora and her crew plan last-ditch efforts to survive. Their food is running out, there are Kingdom Battle Ships in orbit and somewhere, deep beneath the ruins of their forgotten city… something is watching.


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Has Aurora’s decision to deploy the Doomsday weapon made the extinction of all intelligent life in the galaxy inevitable? Find out in Pride of Cygnus Five – coming soon.