Captain’s Surrender


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Originally released by Linden Bay Romance, then by Samhain Publishing until Nov 2016, this classic of the genre will be re-released in a third edition on the 21st of December 2016 as an ebook, and early in the new year as a paperback.

Linden Bay Romance is proud to announce the winner of our 2007 Starlight Writing Contest. The contest, which was opened to previously unpublished authors from all over the world, was a pleasure to judge and we wish to thank everyone who entered. In reviewing the full manuscripts of our finalists, we discovered one that stood above the rest: Captain’s Surrender, written by Alex Beecroft.

Captain’s Surrender a male/male historical novel set in 1779, is a beautifully written tale of forbidden romance between two star crossed lovers who are trying to survive life in the British Navy during the war with the Colonies. It’s filled with passion, intrigue, and the kind of compelling heroes that you’ve come to expect from a Linden Bay Romance novel–two of them, actually.

Ambitious and handsome, Joshua Andrews had always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks. Then he laid eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon.

Soon to be promoted to captain, Peter Kenyon is the darling of the Bermuda garrison. With a string of successes behind him and a suitable bride lined up to share his future, Peter seems completely out of reach to Joshua.

But when the two men are thrown together to serve during a long voyage under a sadistic commander with a mutinous crew, they discover unexpected friendship. As the tension on board their vessel heats up, the closeness they feel for one another intensifies and both officers find themselves unable to reign in their passion.

Let yourself be transported back to a time when love between two men in the British Navy was punishable by death, and to a story about love, about honor, but most of all, about a Captain’s Surrender.

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Reviews for Captain’s Surrender

From Erastes at Speak It’s Name

Now this is what I’m talking about. If you want a taste of what floats my boat when it comes to gay historical fiction, (no pun intended), then this is it.

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Five Stars from Lee Benoit at Rainbow Reviews

Thrilling! On every level, Captain’s Surrender is thrilling. Alex Beecroft spins image, voice, character, setting, and story into a captivating whole, accomplishing the rare feat of inducing in the reader a forgetfulness that we are, indeed, reading…

I said at the beginning of this review that Captain’s Surrender thrilled me. It satisfied a craving I’ve had for decades, for a certain kind of book, the kind that’s so seldom written it’s an almost violent surprise when one crosses my path. It drilled right down to the bedrock of my psyche, dug out that part of me that whiled away childhood afternoons with elaborate seagoing, swashbuckling epic fantasies, then set it in the sunshine beside my adolescent longing for a more bent, more tolerant world. Add to that damned good writing to satisfy an adult self with high standards and broad tastes, and you’ve got a keeper. And something to recommend with impunity.

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From Val Kovalin at Obsidian Bookshelf:

“When you finish this succinct book (which is slightly under 200 pages) you will be amazed at the range of emotional and physical territory covered by Captain’s Surrender… which is the best gay novel I’ve read this year.”

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The conflict in Captain’s Surrender and the forbidden nature of the romance between Josh and Peter is probably the strongest and most realistic that I’ve ever read.

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Five cups from Coffee Time Romance Reviews

“Even if you have never read a gay romance before, you simply must read Captain’s Surrender!”

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Recommended Read by ‘Joyfully Reviewed’

“In Captain’s Surrender, the bounds of honor, loyalty, fidelity and love are all tested and divergent paths and possibilities are explored for both Joshua and Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Alex Beecroft.”

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“CAPTAIN’S SURRENDER by Alex Beecroft is a breathtaking and expertly written historical m/m romance. The author does a wonderful job of recreating the world of 1779 for the reader. I truly felt like I was transported back in time.”

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Five Stars from ECATARomance

“Alex Beecroft has penned a tale that is not only realistic but also a study in forbidden love and courage. If you enjoy male/male romance then Captain’s Surrender is perfect for you. Alex Beecroft has penned a winner.”

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Five Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews

Ms. Beecroft has created a wonderful story based in the time of the great sailing ships… Thanks go to Ms. Beecroft for a very creative and fascinating look back in time.

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Captain’s Surrender blazes a trail for Gay Romance at the Essence of Romance database

The ‘Essence of Romance’ database seems like a fantastic thing.  It’s a database of all the romance novels out there, searchable by author and genre.  It also has links to Central Book Source, which is an online store where you can buy the books.

So naturally I asked if I could have ‘Captain’s Surrender’ listed there. No problem at all! It was done within days of my asking.

Trouble was when I saw the listing it was listed under Erotica – m/m. Now Captain’s Surrender has two and a half sex scenes in total, and more sailing than sex, so I felt it didn’t really qualify as erotica. I wrote back to the fantastically organized and lovely lady who runs the database, Melanie, to say ‘could it just be plain romance’?

It turns out that there never had been a category for gay romance which was not erotica before, and Melanie – a veteran in the business – was tickled pink to discover a new genre. Instead of trying to pretend that Captain’s Surrender fit the mold, she created two new genres in the database – Gay and Lesbian fiction for all those books which are m/m or f/f romance but not erotica. All my thanks and kudos to her, and I’m delighted to have produced such a trailblazer 🙂