Welcome to my site! If you’re a fan of queer Romance, Historical fiction, Fantasy fiction or some combination of all three, this is the place for you. I love a good strong plot in an exotic setting, with characters you can admire, and a happy ending.

If you make a venn diagram of genres, including historical, fantasy, SF, gay romance and mystery, I occupy the space in the middle where they overlap.

As of 27/03/2017 the following books are now available again:

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They are live now on Amazon, in paperback from Createspace. The Kobo and Nook versions are with their respective platforms and will come live shortly. They should, if Pronoun does its job, also be available in iBooks and on Google Play soonish. Watch this space on that, or sign up for my newsletter so I can keep you up to date with progress.

As a result of having these five volumes all to re-release at once, it’s all change on this website. I’m adding a Volume Zero for all my self-pubbed stuff, containing a substantial extract of the book for free, so you can try before you buy. Those will be available online and in the Freebies section when they’re done.

Please be patient with the renovations. It will all be an awful lot more organized when it’s finished!


Want to find me in more social places? I’m on twitter as @Alex_Beecroft, Tumblr at Itsthebeecroft or Facebook at Alex Beecroft. Though, fair warning – I scarcely ever check Facebook. If you want me to hear you when you talk I’d advise using Twitter, Tumblr or the contact form/comments at this site.


Newest release


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The Arising Books.


Ten years ago, the island of Atlantis rose out of the sea, triggering mechanisms all over the world that made magic a genuine force once more. Now paranormal creatures are coming out of hiding and demanding their rights. In every country, scholars and scientists are scrambling to research and understand the occult so they can harness it safely. And all over the world, rulers and warlords are commissioning magical weapons they don’t understand and can’t control.

The Age of Enlightenment has become a race for dominance that human beings are no longer guaranteed to win. This is the perfect time for them to go to war with each other. Obviously.



False Colors is named among the top 100 gay books of the 21st Century

Blue Eyed Stranger makes Romance Novels For Feminists “Best of 2015” list.

Under the Hill is voted Best SF/F novel 2013


His Heart’s Obsession is voted Best GBLT Historical of 2012
The Romance Review