The Unquiet Spirits Series

Jasper Marin is a bastard. He’s also a defrocked Catholic priest who can see ghosts. Charles Latham is an over-privileged little snot of a nobleman with a scientific cast of mind and a talent at spotting patterns. Together they fight supernatural crime.


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Buried With Him

This is a novellette (10,000 words) prequel to The Wages of Sin.

Sentenced to the pillory for the crime of having kissed a man, Jasper Marin has been stripped of his vocation as a priest, and seems poised to lose his faith along with it. He has always been able to see ghosts but it’s just his luck that the one who’s harrassing him now seems obsessed with collecting human hearts. To give you a taste of the series’s weird blend of gay historical inspirational murder mystery, you can find Buried With Him for free in the Freebies section.


The Wages of Sin

Charles Latham, wastrel younger son of the Earl of Clitheroe, returns home drunk from the theatre to find his father gruesomely dead.  He suspects murder.  But when the Latham ghosts turn nasty, and Charles finds himself falling in love with the priest brought in to calm them, he has to unearth the skeleton in the family closet before it ends up killing them all.


Waters of the Deep

Charles and Jasper are brought in to investigate a fatal stabbing in (the cotton-mill town of) Paradise. But this time the only troublesome ghost in the case is their own adopted child Lily. So what’s leaving the glistening trail in the woods? Why did the vicar’s daughter suddenly kill herself? And what is happening to the extra cow?