The Witch’s Boy

It’s a dark masterpiece of raw emotion, vivid color, violence in thought and deed, convoluted plotting, unforgettable characters and descriptions. Maybe Tolkienistas will consider this to be sacrilege, but Witch’s Boy is a modern Lord of the Rings in one volume.

– Ruth Sims, Author of The Phoenix and Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story


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Are the sins of the fathers really visited upon the sons? And is there no way of breaking that cycle? Is evil doomed always to repeat itself, ruining everything good through its tainted seed?

These are not the questions young Oswy is asking himself when he is sold to the witch-Lord Sulien FitzGuimar – he’s too busy wondering ‘why me?!’ They are, however, the questions which plague Sulien himself. Locked in a struggle for freedom, sanity, the very survival of his soul, Sulien must daily battle not only angels and demons, but the core of evil in his own heart.

When the King’s vile sorcerer stages a coup, dragging ancient magic, the elves, and the royal court into his Empire-building plans, the woman he has set his sights on as a bride – timid, aspiring nun, Adela – sets out to find someone to oppose him. It’s just unfortunate that the only candidates are cowardly Oswy, Adela herself and Sulien – who, deep in his heart, wants to surrender and join in.

When the hope of redemption is balanced against the lure of revenge, which will prove stronger, flawed good or perfect evil?

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Gorgeous illustration of Sulien and Oswy in raven form done by Nellas at Nulla Dies Sine Linea. It belongs to her.  Please do not copy in whole or in part.


Alex Beecroft has created such a dense and detailed world in her book, that this world and its characters instantly come alive in your imagination…. I just loved this book. I would have read it in one session, if there weren’t those stupid needs like eating and sleeping. This book definitely is a must-read.

– Christian Otto for Reviews by Jessewave

If you like a book that will hold you spellbound from the start with magical creatures and characters with compelling personalities that ensnare your emotions, then this is the book for you.

– Rainbow Reviews