Signed Bookplate

If you would like me to send you a bookplate which looks like this:


with my signature on it, so that you can stick it inside one of my books, then I’ll be happy to send one.  Drop me a line using the contact form and tell me your name and address, and who you want the signature addressed to, and I’ll send it to you asap 🙂

Free Stories

A free anthology of flash fiction (stories of 1000 words or less) by British authors, including “Benefits of Peace” by me.  (Click on the cover for the download link.)


Stories by me which I have made into .pdf format with cover art, so you can put them on your e-reader.

Hereward Wakes – a fantasy story with a strong dose of history.  Featuring a mysterious sword with a mind of its own, warrior women, orcs with plastic ears, and an appearance by the real Robin Hood.


Gay historical romance fiction by Alex Beecroft

Insubordination – This is a free gay historical short story set around the middle of ‘Captain’s Surrender’. Unlike the book, it’s a foray into erotica without a great deal of plot, because you can’t fit a lot of plot into 2,000 words 🙂

For the sake of their lives and careers, Josh and Peter agreed to put their need for one another behind them. But then a luxurious and sensual dinner together becomes foreplay, leading Josh to an act of insubordination that Captain Peter Kenyon will never forget.


Two little stories, so short I didn’t think they needed covers:

Valentine’s Day on a Tropical Island – an out-take from ‘Captain’s surrender’, set during those years when Josh and Peter were desperately trying to pretend they weren’t in love.

Christmas 2130 – a short, fluffy Christmas tale with a futuristic setting.



Fancy using any of my book covers for phone wallpaper? Here are the best quality files I have of my covers.

Embarrassed to read the LBR version of ‘Captain’s Surrender’ on the train/your mother’s house/the Bible Belt because of the naked men on the cover?  Print out this alternative cover, and use as a dust jacket.


Click the image to see it at full size, then print this out at 10.8″ by 8″ on A4 paper, then cut off the excess at top and bottom.  There will be a little bit of white left over at each side to fold over in order to hold it on.

Many thanks to Gryphons_Lair for the new corrected file!
Alternatively: Do you love the Samhain Cover, but have a copy of the LBR edition?  Here’s a simple solution – print out this dust cover and put it on top 🙂


I also loved the new cover of Captain’s Surrender so much that I made computer wallpaper from it:


Feel free to download and use if you like 🙂