Tumblr is eating my life

Basically that’s all I’ve got to say. I thought I would try to see if I could figure out my way around Tumblr because when I tried first I utterly failed even to put up a user icon. But after a week or so of trying to use it regularly it became the only thing I did use. Now I have two of them – an Alex Beecroft one and a fandom one – which take up so much time that blogging has gone right out of the window.


Anyone else on Tumblr I could follow? I am on http://alexbeecroftauthor.tumblr.com/ if you would like to follow me 🙂

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Elin Gregory

Already following you, me dear. Between Tumblr, which I use in a completely random uncionsidered fashion, and Pinterest, where I am very organised and collect wonderful visual images to help me with my work, i spend far too much time looking at pretty pictures.
Which is fine right now! What’s your fandom account? I’ll follow that too


Very cool sites, Alex. I haven’t attempted to wrap my brain around Tumblr. Maybe when I quit the day job… 🙂