My award award arrived!

Hee! It’s always exciting to win an award but it’s almost equally exciting when you get the trophy in the post. Which is what happened to me today with my Swirl Award for best Fantasy/SF novel featuring an interracial/multicultural romance. It was really nice to win this particularly since my LGBT romance was up against lots of straight romances in the same category.


That was for Under the Hill: Bomber’s Moon and Under the Hill: Dogfighters – such a long book it had to be split into two volumes.


Look! Dragons fighting Mosquito bombers and Lancasters 🙂 These covers never fail to fill me with geeky joy. I have a book with a dragon on it. Huzzah!

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Lillian Francis

Congratulations. You’ll be needing a special cabinet now to keep it in 🙂

Dragons and WW2 planes. Who could ask for anything more.


Congratulations! You could get a mat in a colour you like (I mean a table mat for a place setting) and use it as a permanent background to show it off at its best.