A Reading from Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon

I’ve been saying I should do this for a long time. Now I’ve finally bitten the bullet and done it.

In my time I’ve made a lot of book trailers, but I only have Windows Media Maker to do it with, which generally means it’s some pictures and some text with an unrelated soundtrack. I’m fairly happy with the videos of that sort that I have made. This one for Shining in the Sun still makes me laugh:


but I thought it was getting a little passe and I should do something different next time. The difference is me! Here I am reading into a camera, horribly nervous and amused about it. I had to cut off several minutes from the beginning where I just looked at the lens and said “I don’t think I can do this.”

It turned out I was wrong 🙂

YouTube Preview Image


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Char Newcomb

Fantastic! The trailer for Shining is wonderful! Great job. 🙂 And you do a great job reading. I’d have to have a bottle of water nearby if I spoke that long, and know I’d trip over the words. Still, I’ll have to give it a try one of these years.