Research – a perk of the job.

I’ve blogged over on the Samhain blog today on the subject of research for historical novels and why it’s really not as horrible as it sounds:

I think I should perhaps do a follow-on blog about “fascinating people I’d never heard of (but really should have.)” 🙂  The main drawback of research, as far as I can see, is that you so rarely have anyone else to enthuse to about it.

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Dianne T.

Actually, I share your enthusiasm Alex. Readers/history buffs like myself surely reap the benefits of your research. Sometimes people are astounded by the things I know and I’ll say, well, I read a lot of well researched books! And of course well researched settings become a form of “travel” for the reader who may never actually get to visit an area.

Dianne T.

I do enjoy the fantasy worlds created by authors as well as those set in our “real” world……..or combinations thereof *g*