Round Robin at Coffee Time Romance

Some time ago I seem to have signed myself up to host a round robin story on the Coffee Time Romance boards

the idea being that I start the story off with a couple of characters, setting, genre etc, then everyone contributes a paragraph a week, and I intervene occasionally to try and keep the whole thing trundling towards a reasonable ending.

But they’ve just asked me what sort of genre I want to do.  I need help!

If you were taking part in something like this, would you prefer

1. A Regency

2. A pirate story

3. An Earth based SF story (think Torchwood.)

4. An intergalactic SF story (think Star Trek.)

5. A ghost story

6. A murder mystery

7. Something else (all suggestions welcome!)

Currently I have no idea what to do!

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Regency! They are so much fun and you can have loads of characters. a ghost story is difficult because you'd need a plan, I'd think.