Dreamwidth invites and a reason to use them

I have a paid LJ account and ad-blocker, so I don’t see any of LJ’s adverts.  But you might want to have a look at this post


and roll your eyes because LJ is up to its old tricks again.  I’m all for free speech, and I don’t understand the political situation in the USA well enough to be completely sure what’s going on here.  But afaik, the fight for gay rights does not = an attempt to stop people from exercising their free speech, and I’m not happy at the implication that it does.

This makes me glad that I have a paid Dreamwidth account.  I can shift over there without any difficulty and allow this LJ to revert to basic, thus depriving LJ of my money at least.

If you would like a Dreamwidth account too, I have two invite codes to give away.  They’ll go to the first people who comment to say that they would like them.  DW is free of adverts and its policy statement has been carefully drafted to be as completely inclusive.  Also it seems nice over there!  So I’d love to see more of you over there, particularly after this.

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I hope I’m not too late

If you still have invite codes left I would really like to get one.


PS: Not sure if you need it but in case you do
e-mail: tammie26 (at) mymelody.com


hello there!

do you still have dw spare invites available? if so, I would be highly appreciated if you can send me one 😀 my email address is zhxin89[at]yahoo.com

eek! i have a paid lj account too.. but no~~~~ shame lj!!


Not sure if it's the right place but I wanted to say thank you for the invite code.
DW looks really promising.

Lynsley Brito

Wondering if you still have an invite code left? >o<


hey, i was was wondering if by any chance you have any dream-width invite codes left.. if u do can u send it to jenlov3godess@msn.com. if u don't, don't worry about it…… thnx