Some lovely reviews

for the I Do anthology 🙂  I like to think that our high standards are showing, as both reviewers remarked on what a pleasant surprise it was to find an anthology in which all the stories were good ones 🙂

From ‘Dear Author’

“I finished each story, whether it was long or short, feeling that I’d just gotten a vivid glimpse into someone else’s life. And I found myself pulling for all of them to be able just to live an ordinary life, like everyone else, with no fingers pointed, no judgments made, no fanfare or hoopla. Just to be accepted. Maybe one day. Good job, one and all. B+”


From <lj user=”genrereviews”>

“It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a book that absorbed me to the point where I was putting other things off so I could keep reading, so imagine my surprise when an anthology, of all books, was one that did just that.”

Yay!  It’s so good to know that after all that work and worry, people are liking it 🙂

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Michael Tim

I love your site!

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