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Tell seven random and/or interesting things about myself. Get five blog buddies to play, too and link to their blogs. Don’t forget to post the rules.

Of course I don’t have seven interesting things to tell! I’m a writer, all the interest in my life, thank God, goes on inside my head 🙂 Still, I’ll try.

1. I am trained to lead a Regia war-band and to fight with spear and hand-axe (blunt, of course). This is with my Saxon re-enactment society Regia Anglorum.

2. My family and I have appeared on Blue Peter (the famous children’s TV series in the UK). Again this was with Regia. We invaded the studio to illustrate a piece they were doing on Up-helly-aa, which was all very embarrassing because normally we have nothing to do with people who think Vikings wore horned helmets.

3. I currently have only one front tooth, the other one having been pulled out to deal with an infection at the root. I’ve got to wait for about 6 months until the bone is healed before I can have a replacement tooth screwed in to the bone.

4. I know how to spin, weave, make leather shoes, light a fire from flint and tinder, embroider, play the deer-bone flute, recite Caedmon’s song in Anglo-Saxon, cook bread on an open fire, carve a spoon, use a shave-horse and a pole-lathe, thatch a house and lime-plaster its walls. And I’ve been part of a team which has created an Anglo-Saxon longhall and village in two acres of land in Kent:


5. I visited Soviet Russia while it was still the USSR, saw Lenin in his tomb and bought woodwork tools from G.U.M the one and only department shop in the country.  While I was there, I also rode in a troika through snowy forests at a temperature of -20 Centigrade.  The chocolate icecream in Moscow was the best I’ve ever had.

6. I was married in the same church that Oscar Wilde was married in.

7. I married my first ever boyfriend, and we’ve been together 18 years this year 🙂

I tag Erastes, Lee Rowan, Charlie Cochrane, Lee Benoit and Emma Collingwood

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Hey, I’ve been to USSR, too 🙂 With my grandma when I was about 11… We took a bus to Leningrad and flew to Sotshi from there, for a week or so.

The tooth. Ouch!

Alex Beecroft

Hee! Snap 🙂 I was very young at the time too, so I was struck by how friendly the people were, while my Dad was busy looking over his shoulder at the two men in fur hats he was convinced were following us!

*g* I would certainly have been much less happy at losing the tooth if it hadn’t been giving me migrane-like headaches for the last six months. But I’ll be glad when the whole process is over with and I can forget about it again 🙂

Thanks for commenting!